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Math & Computer Science

September 11, 2011


Geometry Theorems by Lena Wu

Geometry Definitions and Properties by Lena Wu

Precalculus (functions) by Christine Eunji Kim

Precalculus Study Sheet by Joan Cheng

MG21E Finals Sheet by David Kurkovskiy

AP BC Calculus Study Sheet (up to sketching graphs) by Erica Kwong

AP BC Calculus Study Sheet Part II by Erica Kwong

AP Statistics – Experimental Design Review by Shreya Kalva

Misc. Calculus Topics by Wenlu Weng

Misc. Calculus Topics II by Wenlu Weng

Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Introductory Concepts by Tyler Lee

Misc. NetLogo Concepts by Tyler Lee

Netlogo Study Sheet – Test 2 by Rebecca Gaebler

AP Computer Science

Inheritance by David Kurkovskiy

Loops & Arrays by David Kurkovskiy

Terminal and Java Basics by David Kurkovskiy


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